Security Management

Security Management - Unarmed & Armed Guarding -

Our Client's interest comes first - Always and every time. Accordingly, our qualitative recruitment and training processes ensure that the highest quality of workforce is deployed at our client sites, which is fully committed to deliver under the most challenging and adverse conditions. Our manpower is highly capable of undertaking any security challenges.



Our PSO's are well-trained in recognizing, anticipating, and assessing the risk of a crime occurring. They will keep your safety as only Focused objective and will keep you away from any safety or security concerns irrespective of your venue or location.


No matter how large the event, CSS has the expertise to provide foolproof security for any type of event. We understand so well that in personal life or corporates today need to put up large-scale and variety of events from time to time attended by global community and require multiple tier security arrangements.

We have the wherewithal to plan and put together robust and active proactive teams and contingency plans to secure such events and ensure foolproof security to your dignitaries and employees.


We are apt at securing your Office spaces starting from control room management, mail and baggage screening, Entry exit from the Buildings, employee safety and Surveillance teams or even to control any industrial unrest. SUPPLY CHAIN SECURITY- If you have any supply chain movements to be guarded during movements over any distances through any transport mode, CSS will ensure safe movement of your supply chain and the goods being transported .


Our QRT is highly trained and capable of reaching the assigned spot quickly and undertake any assignment as per the Client's requirement. QRT is a tactical force well equipped to swiftly act immediately against any threat situation.